The PHP front end to Juggling Lab allows you to quickly animate patterns by embedding all the animation instructions within a URL.

Try clicking on the following examples to get the idea. You can alternatively type this text directly into the browser address bar to pull up the animation. (Note: To see the animation you need a browser with Java available and enabled.)

The pattern information comes after the '?' in the URL. It can have two basic formats:

  1. A siteswap pattern only, in the generalized siteswap notation used by Juggling Lab.
  2. A series of variable assignments in the form "var1=a;var2=b;var3=c" and so on.

Variables recognized by Juggling Lab

When the second form above is used, Juggling Lab recognizes the following variables. Only the pattern variable is required; the others are optional.

The following variables are also supported for backward compatibility, but their continuing use is discouraged. Most are documented elsewhere: